Although married couple can attend counseling for a wide range of reasons, sexual compatibility will often land people in the counselor's office looking for help. Sex-related issues with your partner can be highly disruptive to your marriage and, in extreme cases, may even lead one person to begin an extramarital affair. It can be comfortable to discuss sexuality with your partner, let alone with someone you don't know. But, it's important to remember that your marriage counselor is the right health professional to turn to when you need to help, and he or she has likely heard just about everything that there is to hear about sexuality. Here are some sex-related topics that you shouldn't be afraid to share:

Sexual Desire

A couple can struggle with its compatibility if one person has more of a sexual desire than the other. This discrepancy can cause the other partner to attempt to adjust — and this doesn't always go well. For example, if the man has a higher sexual desire than his wife, she may attempt to match his desire. Sometimes, couples don't even tell each other their sexual desire, and this lack of communication can lead to problems. You shouldn't shy away from telling your marriage counselor exactly what you feel in terms of desire.

Sexual Interests

Some couples enjoy exploring their sexuality together, while others may be ashamed about their likes and dislikes. This can cause the partner in question to shut down, which can often leave both parties frustrated. Counseling is the appropriate venue for sharing any sexual interests that you may have and that your partner doesn't know about. While it's true that some of these may come as a shock to your loved one, he or she may also be excited to learn this new information about you.

Sexual Turnoffs

When your partner does something sexual that you don't particularly enjoy, you can find yourself in a difficult situation. For example, you might be reluctant to tell him or her that you don't enjoy this behavior out of fear of rejecting or hurting your loved one. Without this message, your spouse may continue this behavior under the assumption that you enjoy it, and this can create a significant rift in your sexual relationship and even in your overall relationship. The calm and balanced environment of counseling is the right time to share these truths, even if they're a challenge.

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