Poor mental health can take a devastating toll on your everyday life. It can cause you to jeopardize your productivity at work. It can also risk your relationships with your friends and relatives.

Rather than suffer from mental health conditions, you can seek care from a licensed and experienced therapist. The following common conditions are some that psychotherapy can address in patients today.


Anxiety is one of the most common mental health ailments from which millions of people suffer today. People who have anxiety often experience symptoms like an overwhelming sense of fear or dread, shortness of breath, chills or hot flashes and shaking. They may be afraid to leave their homes, go out in public, drive and take on other routine daily tasks.

While anxiety is a debilitating mental health condition, it is also highly treatable. With consistent psychotherapy sessions with a therapist who is trained to treat anxiety in patients, people with this condition can experience full recoveries.

They can learn coping mechanisms like distracting themselves, listening to music, meditating and using ice and cold temperatures to keep their symptoms in check. Eventually, their brains learn to stop sending signals to the body that induce anxiety attacks, allowing patients to resume their normal lives.

Panic Disorder

Like anxiety, panic disorder can be overwhelming and debilitating. People who suffer from persistent panic attacks often feel like they are having a heart attack. They may feel faint, short of breath and like they have a rash all over their bodies. 

Overcoming a panic disorder requires weeks or months of psychotherapy. The therapist that a patient works with can teach the patient coping mechanisms, such as using a cold pack on the back of his or her neck or paced breathing exercises, that can stop a panic attack. These coping mechanisms help people with panic disorders manage their symptoms and experience fast relief if they are out in public or driving.


Finally, a therapist who practices in psychotherapy can treat patients for depression and low mood. Managing these conditions can involve exercising, meditation or making lists of for what people are grateful. 

These conditions are some that a therapist can address in patients. Psychotherapy can be vital for helping people manage symptoms associated with depression, anxiety and panic disorder. They can overcome their fears of going out in public, driving and doing other tasks. They can also cope with low mood.

To learn more, contact a therapist.