Self-worth is a tricky subject, especially during adolescence. It is normal for many people to go through a variety of feelings and types of self-confidence as life changes, but it is also difficult to know that your teenager might be going through these issues right now.

So, why is your teenager experiencing low self-worth? Is there anything you can do about it? Here's what you should know.

Low Self-Worth Stems From the Past

Low self-worth stems from beliefs often related to trauma and other past experiences. Your child, as a result of the past, may have developed negative beliefs about themselves and the world around them. Teens with low self-worth may feel ashamed of their body, sexuality, or past traumas.

So, what are these types of trauma that cause teens to have low self-worth? These may include things like abuse, neglect, poverty, family death, abandonment, bullying, and family violence. Sometimes it stems from one or both parents not providing loving care to a child.

Self-Worth Manifests Differently

Teens can experience low self-worth in a variety of ways. Often, low self-worth comes in the form of thoughts about nobody loving them or feelings of uselessness. Teens with low self-worth may think that everybody else is better than them, that they are fundamentally different than others.

In some cases, self-worth becomes more noticeable after a major event, like a breakup or poor performance in school. You may notice that your child appears depressed or withdrawn, which may prompt you to wonder if mental health treatment would be a good idea.

Treatment Can Help Improve Low Self-Worth

If your teenager has had low self-worth or exhibits other symptoms, it is a good idea to consider mental health treatment. Treatment may include learning new ways to build self-esteem using resources that are available.

For example, a therapist may work with your teen to build self-compassion. Your child will learn to accept themselves and others and build new skills by participating in the world around them. The therapist can also help your child work through trauma and other issues that are cause for concern.

Make an Appointment With a Mental Health Provider

Mental health treatment can be beneficial for teenagers who experience low self-worth. Your child does not have to live with the symptoms of low self-worth, and they can pull from a deeper well of confidence when they can build skills and establish resources with a professional. Look for a facility that offers teen mental health treatments to learn more.