Individuals who would like to improve their relationships, go further in their careers, and clean up their personal lives can benefit from a one-on-one coaching relationship. Some people have erroneous ideas about the things that personal development coaching entails. Learning what personal development coaching is and isn't can help you better understand how this innovative form of coaching can benefit you. Here are four things that personal development coaching is not:

1. Friendship

Your personal development coach is not your friend. That doesn't mean that your coach can't be friendly or a valuable confidant. However, personal development coaches occupy a unique place in their clients' lives. Friendship requires reciprocation, but your coach is there solely to benefit you. When discussing issues with your coach, you never have to worry about talking too much or being too selfish. Personal development coaching sessions are periods of time solely dedicated to helping you identify and achieve your goals.

2. A Yes-Man

Having someone agree with you can be addictive. Everyone wants to be approved of and told that they're right. However, it's even more valuable to be told when you're heading in the wrong direction. Personal development coaches can provide tough love when necessary. If you're engaging in bad habits that are keeping you from achieving your full potential, your coach will point it out. Sometimes, having an extra pair of eyes can help you identify problems in your life that you're unable to see on your own. Having someone gently call attention to your flaws can rapidly boost your growth.

3. Judgmental

Negativity is not the same as constructive criticism. Some people fear that a personal development coach will tear them down or judge them for their habits or failures. In reality, this couldn't be further from the truth. Personal development coaches approach their clients with empathy and a willingness to listen. Your coach will encourage you and admonish you when necessary, but they will never judge you.

4. An Instant Fix

In an ideal world, everyone could snap their fingers and have their problems magically disappear. Unfortunately, things are seldom gained without hard work and perseverance. Likewise, personal development coaching is a tool but not an instant fix. Your coach can give you the skills and encouragement you need to make lifestyle changes to achieve your goals. However, you still need to commit to putting in the effort on a daily basis.